Growth and Development II

Course Assignments

  1. Due Jan 29: (5\%) Nested production structures
  2. Due Feb 5: (5\%) Solving with Pareto distributions
  3. Due Feb 19: (15\%) Accounting for structural change
  4. Due Mar 5: (5\%) Nested Boppart model
  5. Due Mar 19: (10\%) Replicate Ziebarth paper
  6. All semester: (10\%) Class participation

Several of these require extensive data work and coding to produce, so please read the assignments and plan appropriately. Each calendar day that an assignment is late lowers the percentage you can earn by one. For example, if you turn in the Ziebarth replication on March 20th, the best you can do is earn 9 of the possible 10 percentage points. Hence the first two homeworks will be worth zero if five calendar days late, and the other assignments will be worth zero if ten calendar days late.

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