The textbook is a concise introduction to modern growth theory, aimed at advanced undergraduates. I came aboard for this 3rd edition, and Chad Jones (Stanford) is the original author. It covers the basic Solow model, endogenous innovations of both product-variety and quality-ladder types, and then takes on topics in development, the environment, and the take-off to sustained growth. It uses calculus and differential equations, but you can definitely adapt to teach it to students without that background (I do it every year). Below the image, there is a list of supplements you can adapt for your own course.

Supplemental resources

  • I like to think of my blog as a supplement to the course, and I use a lot of posts as material when I teach from the book.
  • The publisher's site, if you want an exam copy or access to the solutions manual. Also includes PDF's of the books figures.
  • These are some basic slides I use. The file includes both PDF's and Tex versions.
  • These are a set of maps in raw form (png, jpg, etc) that I like to use in class. It includes the picture of night lights you see on this site.