Site Upgrades

Posted by Dietrich Vollrath on January 31, 2016 · 1 min read

Thanks to the Cavs/Spurs game turning into a snorer, I distracted myself by fixing up a few things on the new site. Rocking Saturday night, I know. I’m old.

  • SSL: The site is now using SSL, which means you’ll see “https” in the web address. You don’t need to do anything, the site automatically redirects you to the https link. If you want to save yourself a millisecond, change your link to the site to say “https” explicitly.
  • RSS Equations: One thing that came up in the transition was that the RSS feed was not rendering equations. You’d see markup code in your RSS reader, not a nicely formatted equation. This is fixed….I think. In fact, here’s a little test. If you can see $y = x^2$ in your RSS feed as a nicely formatted equation, then apparently things are working well. If not, then I know what I’m doing next Saturday night.

Again, thanks for reading, and thanks for the patience with the tweaks.